Social Justice Animals

Social Justice Animals

Mario Melendez

Marissa Gallardo, Staff Writer

Like any normal teenager I spend a significant amount of time on the Internet. Reaching the dark corners isn’t hard when you have the help of platforms like Tumblr. Tumblr offers a variety of blogs and topics, but one of the more famous things Tumblr is known for is activism. The amount of socially aware college aged kids on Tumblr is amazing, but what happens when battling the far left conservatives goes a little too far right?

Feminist and LGBTQ+ supporters usually rally and sing happy songs together on Tumblr. But the second someone disagrees with them their backs straighten, eyes narrow, and their fingers type out what they believe to be a rock solid argument. I’m no stranger to Internet debates and I’ll usually have civil conversations with most people, but an up and coming movement of activists poised to promote equality and representation are unknowingly exhibiting the behavior which they wish to vanquish.

“Social justice warrior” (commonly abbreviated SJW) is a pejorative term for an individual promoting socially progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, and identity politics. They are widely believed to be a subculture of feminists, but I feel like it is clearer to refer to them as politically correct animals. “Animal” might be a strong term, but after having  several arguments with a few of the hardcore members, I’ve never been more frustrated in my life. Never have I talked to a group of people so challenged and closed minded.

If I were to group the SJW community into one person I would paint you a picture of a college aged classical liberalist nonbinary white adult with weird colored hair. That is exactly what they don’t want me to do. While I will admit not all of them match the description, all of them have one goal. To be as politically correct as possible. Clearly, the intention with being politically correct is morally just. However, the ways in which society handles political correctness, especially in the millennial generation, is potentially harmful because, although political correctness initially came from a place of respect, it now seems to stem from a place of fear. I’ll be the one to break it to you – the millennial generation is overly sensitive and easily offended, which contributes directly to our obsession with being politically correct. That wasn’t breaking news to the people who notice their surroundings, but when you’re in highschool thats just too much work.

Our generation is so focused on sparing feelings and avoiding controversy that we fear expressing our opinions or taking stances on serious issues. By neglecting to voice these thoughts, we also forgo the opportunity of hearing the opinions of others and learning something new. The horrible thing about it is that most of the SJW community believes that they are not negatively impacting their surroundings. A villain who sincerely believes that they are a hero is perhaps the worst kind of villain there is. I call them villainous because of the incredible amount of policing they do on people’s opinions and thoughts.

The millennial generation allows feelings to stand in the way of change. We are politically correct to the point that it hurts our future. We shouldn’t sacrifice sharing our thoughts just because we want to be politically correct. Share your ideas, challenge your beliefs and hear what others have to say. Trust me, it is possible to do all these things and still be politically correct – educate yourself, don’t be ignorant and respect ideas that may differ from your own.

Embrace what makes you uncomfortable. Learn about it. It’ll make you a better leader of tomorrow.

The freedom of expression is still freedom of expression no matter how much you disagree. The SJW community shouldn’t be able to police everyone into making the world their own safe space. Just because I don’t agree with most of the SJW philosophy doesn’t make me an extreme conservative that hates feminism.