Why Thanksgiving is the best

Bianca Barretto, Staff Writer

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and buttered corn. With these irresistable foods in mind, what glorious holiday comes to mind?

Now that Halloween has come to an end and Christmas looms in the distance, we can all agree that Thanksgiving loses the spotlight in the shadow of the two other holidays. Thanksgiving is the only holiday that glorifies sweet home cooking, being thankful, and staying inside.

By these wonderful qualities, the holiday should never be down on the ground and thought of as any lesser. We should all begin to realize that Thanksgiving is the best when it comes providing a festive and flavorful punch!

To start things off, Thanksgiving is probably the most manageable holiday in the fall/winter season. One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is that if you plan on having a big gathering, you’ll only need to provide a portion of it.

Serving a big meal isn’t a hassle when everyone else comes to bring their share. In the case that you plan to keep the celebration small and tight, no one will ever really have to complain about making the food and getting more in return.

Not only is Thanksgiving a very manageable holiday, I find that it is one of the best ways to bring a family together. Being a Filipina, also comes with having to be very family oriented. And despite the distances that come between my relatives and I, we always try and find a way to be together.

To me, one of the best feelings in the world is being around the people I care about the most to enjoy the small things in life. People shouldn’t rely on presents or anything like that to have a good time. I’d much rather spend quality bonding time with my family. And of course the food that comes with it!

Now, what truly makes Thanksgiving the amazing holiday that it is, is that it’s completely inclusive. There may be historical background to the celebration (that we are all quite familiar with and choose to never really remember), but that by no means defines who gets to celebrate it.

Unlike other holidays, Thanksgiving isn’t tied down to any religious meanings nor is it only celebrated by one culture. Anyone who is anyone can celebrate it at any instant.

With all and all being said, grab your favorite family recipe and start brewing something great for one of the best holidays of the year! For things like this only come once in awhile, it is important to embrace the time you have with the people around you and realize that the only thing you need is food with a gracious scoop of love on the side!