Is cheating a choice or a mistake

Jennifer Laredo, Staff Writer

Relationships are defined as an intimate connection between two people. In other words, two people who are in love.

There are times when the person, male or female, begins to get bored of their significant other and it leads to much more serious issues. Things like arguments, crying over them, and eventually ignoring the other person etc. can be a result of this failure.

The list can go on and on for days, but the most common issue that comes from all of this is cheating. Cheating is such a cruel word, it just screams betrayal and terror. Most people are terrified of being cheated on, and if they already have been cheated on already, it’s the feeling which they dread the most.

Now, should cheating be considered a mistake, or a choice? The “cheaters” as I’d like to call them, decide to make an excuse and call it a mistake.

Either they say, “I’ll never do it again,” or “It was a mistake you’re the only girl/boy I love,” but deep inside they know it’s a lie. It is not a mistake, it’s a choice.

These “cheaters” commit actions without thinking of their significant other. They choose to go with someone because they’re bored and simply looking for something to occupy themselves with. They have been a cheaters all their life.

It is utterly sad how they feel the need to destroy the person’s life. The worst part is how the other falls for their apology and sticks with them until they realize that the person they love never meant the apology.

In general, the word “cheater” terrifies me, not because I’ve experienced it but because someone at this moment could be getting cheated on. Cheating is never okay, whether you’re flirting, getting too close or anything that is defined as cheating it will never be okay.

The choice destroys a person mentally, they won’t feel like themselves ever again. There is no need for someone to feel so bad about themselves.

So, for a word of advice, looks can be deceiving. You never know when you’ll be cheated on, even the person who seems like they could be the one, can be the one to break your heart into pieces. Be careful, and look out for yourself.

Don’t fall for the person’s apology if they cheat on you, because once a cheater always a cheater.