Celebrating Christmas

The best time of the year has arrived. After a year like 2020, the familiarity and happiness that comes with Christmas has been long-awaited. Decorating and getting into the Christmas spirit go hand in hand for many people. It’s the little things that truly bring meaning to the holiday.

The earliest signs of Christmas in my home is the music. I start getting into the Christmas spirit around mid-October because I don’t celebrate Halloween. For the past few years, I’ve been in charge of decorating my house. Although my family does give me crazy eyes when they see me decorating my room before Halloween or Thanksgiving passes. There’s no way to decorate for Thanksgiving (at least with any decorations that I like).

Spending time with friends and family during the weeks leading up to Christmas is one of my favorite things to do. From watching Christmas movies, to Christmas lights, or just spending time at home with your loved ones is an amazing thing. The kindness that people show during Christmas has always made me happy. From random help in a store to a stranger giving a Starbucks, or just being kind. Wrapping presents, as time-consuming as it is, is a fun thing to do. An added bonus is knowing what my presents are every year. The hours spent opening presents at midnight is somehow the longest but funniest time. 

The food is one of the best parts. As my family says every year it’s tamale and pozole season. One of my earliest memories of Christmas is seeing my mom and family friends preparing the maza for hours the night before. It’s become a tradition that my mom tells me she’s going to teach me how to make tamales but has never gotten around to it. We eat tamales and pozole every year from Christmas Eve till New Years’.

The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. From the little moments like making cookies to the big moments when it’s time to give thanks and open presents with family. With its many joyous moments and memories, this holiday is truly irreplaceable.