Supporting Black Lives Matter

Los Angeles protest for racial justice on May 30, 2020.

Manuel Zamora

Los Angeles protest for racial justice on May 30, 2020.

Michelle Fermin, Copy Editor

Recently there has been a loud message in the United States, Black LIves Matter. It gained attention with the video of a man named George Floyd, pleading for his life as an officer had his knee on his neck. George lost his life that day. Unfortunately, George is one of many who have lost their lives to systematic racism in America. We will not stop until everyone who has experienced systematic racism receives justice. There are many ways as a community that we can demand change. You can help by attending protests, spreading the word, donating, calling our representatives, and so many other ways. We need to support each other and remain united.


Los Angeles protests for racial justice on May 30, 2020. (Manuel Zamora)

“We will keep fighting until we see change. We won’t give up…I’ve signed a bunch of petitions and have talked to as many people as I can to sign petitions… but remember everything counts,” said a student from Rancho Dominguez.

One of the ways the community is making their voices heard is by signing petitions. The petition that demands justice for George Floyd currently has over seventeen million signatures. The officers involved in the tragic loss of George Floyd’s life are being charged with crimes. Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery are two victims of brutality who have received no justice. Breonna Taylor’s petition for justice currently has over six million signatures, but no officer has been charged and has received no punishment.  Her case has been reopened for investigation though.  The Ahmaud Arbery petition has surpassed three million signatures and has forced lawmakers to press charges on the two men responsible for taking Ahmaud’s life. They were detained in May nearly three months after Arbery lost his life. There are many others who haven’t received justice. Keep signing the petitions so lawmakers know that we demand justice for all those who haven’t received it.

Another way to support Black Lives Matter is by educating yourself and spreading the word. Social media is a good way to start as people are sharing ways to support and educate others. Go to google and research how prevalent systematic racism has been in the United States for the entirety of its existence. There are so many things that textbooks don’t teach you, especially the history and treatment of black people. Talk to your family and friends about how they can help. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that they aren’t being an ally. 

Protesting has been a big part of how we are demanding justice and equality for black people in this country and around the world. Protesting has caused politicians to redirect $100 million of police funds into people of color’s communities in Los Angeles County, it has led to the increase in charges against the killer of Floyd, it’s led to the other officers involved in his murder being charged, and shed light into other injustices. The protests have achieved so much in a short amount of time, and we aren’t done yet.

There are so many other names that we know and names we don’t, that have been let down by the justice system. As we unite with Black Lives Matter we can’t stop until everyone receives justice. George Floyd is one of the few who has received justice. We will continue to donate, support, protest, and make our voices heard that Black Lives Matter. Do not stop demanding justice, we are just starting to be heard.