The “Great” Cover Up

Cesar Escalante, Staff Writer

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Body modifications carry a lot of controversy. Tattoos being one of the most popular modifications to get, are often criticized and are tied to “bad people.” Many people seem to have the mindset that if you have any permanent art on any part of your body, you are some how a bad per-
son. I believe that is an extremely foolish way to think.

Recently someone I know got a tattoo and I notice that they always covered it up when they would go to work. I asked them why they always cover their tattoo and they told me that it is unprofessional. How is it unprofessional to have art on your body? Art is a beautiful thing to get placed on the skin, how is it such a crime?

When someone goes to a job interview and they don’t have any tattoos on their body that can be seen, they have a higher chance of getting the job rather than someone who
does have tattoos on the show.
Since many people believe that those who are “bad individuals” get tattoos I do
see why that could potentially stop someone from getting a job. However, I feel like italso depends on how many tattoos the person has that affects the way they are seen by society. I feel as if society often discriminates and criminalizes people who have tattoos, I dislike the idea of that. If you want to do something to your body like get a piercing or a tattoo, it is your body and no one has control over that. You can do whatever you wantto do with it even if it’s getting a permanent art piece on your body. When getting a tattoo, people could hate you for it but honestly who cares it’s your body, your life. If youwant to get your whole arm tattooed go for it no one is stopping you.

Someone I know would like to get some tattoos on their arm but they aren’t sure if they want to, since they want to become a lawyer and I was told that lawyers can’t have tattoos. They really enjoy art and it has become a big part of their life. They are extremely talented at what they do and hearing that they can’t get the tattoos that theywould like to have on their on their arm really sucks.
I think jobs shouldn’t mind if the person they’re hiring has tattoos. Some people
I’ve met have gotten a lot of tattoos and they’ve been the nicest most generous people
I’ve ever met. The stereotype should come to an end. Tattoos can be considered a form
art and people should be able to express themselves the way they want.