American Sandwhich: Cultural Diversity


Eileen Topacio, Staff Writer

Cultures define who we are. It distinguishes where we came from and shapes our ways of life. As an American, I can embrace my ethnicity and meet others who support the same cause. America is a place where we could be who we are, feeling that we belong. United and free, people can live the “American Dream” without having to change a single thing about themselves. Does America have its own culture? I believe that America consists of other cultures to create uniqueness and individuality.

As for me, I am a Filipino American. I have lived in America all my life and I grew up under the influences of equality and independence. Being Filipino, one of our traditions is eating with our hands. This is something not as common, but doing this gives us a chance to bond with others and feel close like family. Something that I always love to do is introduce friends who are not as familiar with Philippine culture to our traditions.

It is fun to share the traditions and watch close companions try something new. I also love to do the same with other cultures as I experiment with trying new lifestyles.

Being surrounded by people who have different cultures has always been something that interested me by seeing the ways others live their life

American culture is created by other cultures because we gain independence and are the same by sharing equality. Something I love about America: is unity. We are all connected and are the same, but stand within our differences.

It is so influential, people from all around the world want to live the “American Dream.” We come together, share love and just be who we truly want to be. No one in America should feel ashamed of their culture. America’s society shows deep acceptance for everybody’s background and respects people for who they were born to be.

As American citizens, we could come together and call ourselves family. Much like a sandwich, we are put together and flavors of different kinds combine. If we didn’t have ingredients (different cultures) the sandwich would be bland and we would have nothing but bread.

The closeness we develop with others is special, it’s something that America allows us to do. Equal and proud, our cultural differences makes us the same.

America stands out for its variety of people. People who have different religions, races, and backgrounds can come together and say that they are American. That is what makes American culture so unique. People with unlike cultures come together and create a world where we could all accept each other’s differences. In the “American Sandwich,” the flavors often compliment each other and make each other whole.

What inspires me the most is that these people embrace who they are and also embrace themselves as an American. So that leaves me to this conclusion: America joins everyone together, and that is something beautiful about us. We shouldn’t be afraid to show our own self and where we came from in America. Because no matter where we came from, we know to accept that we are united and equal.