Domestic Terrorism

Manuel Zamora, Staff Writer

Recent events such as those in Charlottesville, Va. have shown us that not only is our country divided, but that there is a greater threat within our borders than on the outside.

The government has always preached that terrorist groups should be dealt with by showing extreme force. This should’ve been the case when it came to the chaos that broke out on Saturday, August 19. White Supremacist raided the streets of Charlottesville, Va. A car collided with a group of anti-protesters, killing one and wounding 19 others. Evidently the same does not apply to terrorism when it is caused by our own people, at least in this day in age. The violence that broke out was unacceptable, as well as the president’s handling of the situation.

Recently president Trump has claimed he will send over 4,000 troops to Afghanistan, but to fight what exactly? Terrorism across the sea, that seemingly does nothing to affect us? Maybe it is because it damages our allies, which generate so much money for our country. There is no point in keeping other countries happy when yours is in deep distress. The government should send troops into place inside of our cities when it is necessary. A man plunged his car into a group of peaceful protesters and yet no National Guard. All this and the president has the audacity to claim the terror was caused by both sides.

The U.S should be more involved in making its people happy, rather than everyone else. Allies such as Israel do prove worthy when it comes to generating money for the United States. Most of which is put into military power and our weapons program. It seems that they are made to make the U.S seem “tough” against it enemies. In theory the U.S isn’t the only one benefiting though. The ally gets protection from the U.S. Israel gets protection from their Palestinian neighbors.

The U.S is a country that focuses on their international image, rather than how they look to their own people. This is not good when you realize that a great amount of money that you make is made from the people. Why would you support a country that doesn’t support you?