Good ways to protest

Jamie-Ann Aranda, Staff Writer

We’ve all heard the politically correct answer when it comes to protesting. “A peaceful protest is the way to go,” or something to that nature. That’s what most are bound to say, but that doesn’t mean it’s what they actually believe.


We have people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi with peaceful civil right movements. In school we are taught that this is the way to protest, this is how you make a change. Although sometimes, that’s not even the case.


Throughout history we see just how long it takes to make a change and it’s very long if you ask me. For something so simple as to allow everyone to eat at the same diner. If it took years for that to happen with non violent protests and to actually HAVE violence used against those people when all they did was march, well it’s just ridiculous.


If you are to use violence against someone then they should at least be the start of it.

We’ve had wars and wars have lead to change even after all that bloodshed. They have shown, one can stand up for themselves, undermine authority and create a change in life.


Now, I hear what you’re saying, “Doesn’t War lead to loss on both sides of it?” Yes, I can agree up to a certain point that that has some truth. However, that is the beauty of it. Both sides almost in ruin. Only one will prevail, and the other will lose. There will be a clear victor. And after you see society prosper. Most medical advances have derived from wars. So if you were to really think about it- not just allow society to brainwash you, with a politically correct answer people give to uphold appearances- then you might just be able to see what I am referring to.

Justice you may seek as a protester. But answer this question: what IS justice? According to, justice is “the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness.” And who decides what justice is?, we do. It is what we recognize as good and evil. We are told what is good and evil. But what if we were taught evil as good. War as good. Then what will the politically correct answer be.