The Human Condition

Jennifer Laredo, Staff Writer

Born in Long Island, New York, Jon Bellion’s love for music started during his high school years. He was inspired by many others to create music. Eminem and Pharrell Williams are just a few who helped bloom his true passion for the music industry. Bellion’s music involves contemporary pop that mixes R&B, hip-hop, and indie rock. In 2014 Bellion released “ The Definition” which includes “Human” and “Simple & Sweet”. Later, in 2016, “The Human Condition” was released, this album includes popular tracks like “Guillotine” and “All Time Low.”

Jon Bellion is certainly a unique artist. There are many songs that show how diverse his music can be. For example, in “The Human Condition,” “Guillotine” is a song I highly recommend, it is so upbeat it makes you want to dance and be groovy. The song can slow down and in a matter of seconds it can speed up. It certainly is catchy, it also has many strong beats that just complete the song and make it run smoothly. Whereas “Woke the — Up” is a song that has different sound effects making it sound unique compared to other songs. It is another personal favorite, however, it is not as upbeat but instead has a semi-slow beat.

In “The Definition,” Bellion experiments in his hip-hop expertise by making the song “Luxury” upbeat like most of his other songs. Other than the music on both albums, there are songs that are acoustic and extremely beautiful like “Run Wild.”

New rising star Jon Bellion is a highly recommended artist. His music has a variety of genres combined that make him such a special artist. Many are listening to him at this moment and grooving out so stop whatever you’re doing and listen to Bellion