Grey’s Anatomy

Michelle Fermin, Corrections Editor

Grey’s Anatomy is an amazing show that gives audiences tears of joy or tears of sadness, there’s no inbetween. There is one of wonder it’s one of the longest-running tv shows as it’s currently in its seventeenth season. Grey’s Anatomy follows a group of medical staff focusing mainly on Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo. It continues to dominate airtime viewership and its audience continues to grow nearly two decades after it began. The dedication that the production team has for the show is apparent when the episodes are airing.

With lots of plot twists and moments that can break your heart,  the majority of fans have shed a tear or two over the loss of a character that they loved on the show;I am one of them. When the show introduces new characters many fans are hesitant because the characters haven’t been a part of the story. The writers create wonderful backstories for them and always allow a character to grow which makes the show even more enjoyable. It is different from other medical dramas as it allows the viewers to be truly invested in the world of the characters as they not only face medical hurdles but real world relationships as well.

Another reason is that it is not afraid to have an episode reflect what is going on in the real world. For example, they recently did an episode that highlights the hard work that front line workers do on a daily basis.  The actors do an amazing job of giving an inside look into what they do on a daily basis. The topics that they choose to discuss on the show bring a lot of awareness to it.

“I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy because of its [17] long seasons and it doesn’t seem interesting,” said Nuvia Blanco, a junior at Rancho Dominguez.

One of the downsides of Grey’s Anatomy being such a long-running show is that it can be repetitive at times. Sometimes writers repeat the storyline that occurred seasons prior. A notable difference in the recent seasons is the regression of good writing. The creator and main writer, Shonda Rhimes, left the show because of a deal she made with Netflix. The writers have adjusted to her absence but her passion for the progression of characters is gone and it’s noticeable. They also have a tendency to ruin someone’s character development because they make awful decisions. Another thing is that they tend to put characters in a romantic relationship when they are struggling with a situation or when they just got out of another relationship. This frustrates many fans because this often prevents characters from moving on or dealing with their emotions correctly.

Meredith Grey is one of my favorite characters and at times least favorite character. She has suffered a lot of loss and has shown resilience by staying strong and making sure those around her are not suffering in silence. Meredith often tends to put the feelings of her loved ones before hers, but she also tends to make a lot of irrational decisions; most of those choices are selfish. These decisions always end up not working in her favor and always pays the consequences. Meredith Grey has shown a lot of character development over the years from when she first started out as a Surgical Intern.

Grey’s Anatomy captures the hearts of its audience. From the friendships to the heart-wrenching moments, it never fails to deliver an entertaining episode. Grey’s Anatomy has a reputation for strong emotional deliveries because of amazing acting and the suspense that writers are able to create across the seasons. The seventeenth season might be the last for the show which seems surreal to many. The show has been a favorite of mine for years, I often go back to rewatch the earlier seasons for nostalgia. My rate is 8.5/10. The show is rated TV-14 and you can watch Grey’s Anatomy seasons 1-16 on Netflix and the newest episodes premiere on Hulu every week.