Review: Resident Evil 3 Remake

Recently the classic 1999 survival horror Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has gotten a remake.

Review: Resident Evil 3 Remake

Salvador Zamora, Staff Writer

The change in visuals and controls is incredible but the story is sure to make a rough playthrough with hardcore fans. 

After years of disappointing over-the-top action games, the franchise returned to form with the survival horror game Resident Evil 7. This was followed up with the almost step by step remake of Resident Evil 2 which used and even expanded upon its source material. 

In Resident Evil 3, it almost feels like a step back for the series as multiple classical and iconic segments either never made it out of Umbrella’s secret lavatories or are replaced with cutscenes. It almost plays like a movie, obviously better than the long running horrible theatrical adaptations and possibly the future Netflix installments. But sixty dollars for a campaign that originally had more content, is a disappointment for long time fans and fans looking for a modern take on a beloved story. 

To get the negatives out of the way, Nemesis, the “titular” character of the original and the character of the in-game home screen is shoved aside and used only when the plot needs him. Unlike the terrifying Mr. X who showed up unscripted and at random, easy or worse times in Resident Evil 2. This game is very much a step back for the series and it sucks but on it’s own, it’s actually pretty good despite tonal issues. 

The game visually stands out and it helps understand the lead characters of Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliviera more. The villain Nikolai and all the performances are done quite well and act very much alive like they’re real people. The gameplay is also useful containing a few puzzles and scares, but the main highlight is the action. There are boss fights back to back and they do not seem like a hassle as they are bigger and better every time, then each time different and unique to settings. The settings for what wasn’t cut is usually the staple that drives much of the story in the series. Despite the lack of source material and new original content, the tie-ins to last year’s Resident Evil 2 are excellently pleasing but somethings are still left a mystery by the end of the story. 

Adding on to the story upon purchasing the game, it is bundled with a multiplayer separate application called Resident Evil Resistance. After completing the game it offers some replayability such as being able to buy weapons such as a flaming knife; as it is available via the ingame store that can be paid for by currency in the real world or earned through in game challenges. Resistance contains challenges and is a five player multiplayer “Saw” like game. Four teenagers must escape from an Umbrella mastermind in different maps and situations such as each character containing a unique ability or weapon and each boss having their own main monster. So far, the game is surely interesting with the gameplay being taken from the recent Resident Evil 2 remakes however it is more puzzles than action and horror. Hopefully in the future, more gets added and even changed. Overall the multiplayer and story are enjoyable but there could’ve been more; so this makes the sixty dollar price tag to be overpriced. 

In the end Resident Evil 3 is good despite tonal issues and lack of content which also follows into the multiplayer but it’s worth a play at a different price tag. I’ll give Resident Evil 3 a comfortable 8/10. Given the success of the franchise recently and the post credit scene, surely Capcom has more in the way for the franchise with recent seen to be true leaks of Resident Evil 8 and surveys discussing remakes or original installments.