Modern Warfare 2 and The Call of Duty Universe so far

After years of rumors, Activision has finally done it but in any great deal some win and some lose.


Salvador Zamora, Staff Writer

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remaster is what the title implies, just a campaign but that isn’t a bad thing. The visuals are updated as well as the audio yet the game still retains the classic feel the 2009 original had. With the exception of that and a few easter eggs, that’s all the game has to offer and it’s as fun as it was eleven years ago. The game is wonderfully bundled with a multiplayer and Battle Royale “Warzone Ghost pack.” So what a wonderful way to advertise the current Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s (reboot) online services. However despite the exclusion of the multiplayer, the biggest loss was the unprepared launch and the launch being only exclusive for the Playstation 4 until April 30th. 

For now, the Modern Warfare universe continues to expand in multiplayer and with the release of new operators and maps for Warzone. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 3 is available now and the Battle Pass roughly cost 10 dollars via COD points. Players who enjoyed the campaign see the return of a familiar face, Alex, who rocks a new prosthetic leg along with a new crew. The season holds new options such as being able to remove those pesky green dots, skins that are simply magnificent, the most realistic default characters, and new weapon challenges! At launch, three maps were made available, mostly for 6v6 play and one of those maps happen to be the fan favorite Backlot from Modern Warfare (2007, 2016). More maps and editions will be added later in the season such as Hardhat from Modern Warfare 3. Overall MW2 Campaign Remastered is what’s advertised and should be scored as it’s original should be, an 8/10 and for the rest of the Call Of Duty universe, more will be coming soon.