Don’t Mess with the Classics

Don't Mess with the Classics

Cesar Escalante, Staff Writer

Everyone enjoys a good horror movie, we all have our favorites. I think horror plays a huge role in this generation. Everyone seems to get hyped about a new movie coming out, however I realized that now a lot of movies are just repeats of classics. For example I know that a movie came out a few weeks ago called IT, a remaster of the legend Stephen King’s old film. Also they made a King Kong, Rings, and Alien remake. I started to wonder if they just ran out of ideas. It seems like now everyone is wanting to go back to the classics.

I really don’t like this idea because I feel like they are going to ruin the whole movie. A example of this is the movie Poltergeist, the original came out in 1982 and they made a remake of it in 2015 and many did not like it. I feel as if there are run- ning out of ideas with movies and they have to re- sort to remaking old movies. It seems like it’s hard to live up to the hype or since the original movie was so good it’s hard to live up to that expectation.

Another thing I believe they might be doing is going along with the 80’s trend. Ever since the successful show Stranger Things many movies are following the trend where they take place in the 80’s. This seems to be growing very popular along TV shows and movies. So I believe that producers are wanted to go back to that era and reboot the classics in present day. People are also buying old things like polaroid cameras, record players, and fashion trends. It’s seems like people want to go back to live in the 80’s since it seems like a cool time to live in. It’s just a trend that people are following too.

There are still to come more movies too. Friday the 13th are just a few movies that they are remaking and it seems like they are going to keep remaking more. I am also scared that they’ll ruin the whole movie, so we’ll see what is to come.