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Seniors Reminisce On Football at Rancho

Nathaniel Gomez, Staff Writer

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Football season has come to a close, which means that many of the seniors may not play ever again. They might never even step on a field again. That may seem really terrifying to some of the players because that is something that they enjoy doing. While most of the football players are trying to figure out if they are going to ever play football again, some of them already know that they will continue to play after this season.

“I’m undecided about if I’m ever going to play football again. I feel like I will try my hardest to get on the field and play football again,”said senior, Devin Kleib.

It is really devastating to know that not all of the football players will continue to play this wonderful sport that they enjoy ever again. lot of them truly enjoy the sport and have been playing it since Freshman year.

“The thing that I will miss most about playing football is all of the good times with the coaches and players. Also, winning games and most of all just having fun doing the thing that I enjoy,” said Kleib.

He is proud of what he has done over the years in football which shows that all his hard work has paid off. “ He also has gotten to learn more about the sport than he ever knew before.

Kleib said, “If there was anything I could’ve done better this year was that I could have worked harder and as a team won more games. I also think I could’ve contributed to the team more.”

He has a lot of things that he believes that could have made this season a lot more successful.

“The advice that I have for the upcoming Varsity team is to work hard, believe, and stick together as a team. If you guys do all those things you guys will be unstoppable,” said Devin Kleib.

He believes that is what they have been missing this whole season.

“I’m still thinking if I’m going to play after high school but I’m not too sure yet. I’m nervous because I don’t know if I’m ever going to play again,”said senior, Victor Retana.

He is proud of all the improvement that he has made over the years that he has played football. He has gained confidence while becoming a better player.

“ I’m proud of the impact that I have had on RDPS because I have broken many records. That is a huge deal to me because when I started I was absolute trash,” said Alexander Washington.

Hopefully, the seniors have the best of luck whether they’ll be continuing to play or leaving it all behind.

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Seniors Reminisce On Football at Rancho