October: The Month of all Months

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October: The Month of all Months

Agustin Chavez, Staff Writer

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We are at that time of the year again. The cool sensation, the halloween specials on T.V., and the constant replay of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” If you thought September, you might want to reread the title and check the calender or invest in some reading glasses because it is finally October!

The month which compels you to go outside and enjoy the vibrant orange colored leaves, warm hoodies that everyone gets to wear, and the company of friends and family at fun and scary events. Nothing compares to October. There is no other month where you can stock up on as much candy as you want and not be judged. You’ll be able to enjoy some quality time with your crush and friends at the Homecoming dance. I’m even convinced that dentists have October marked on their calendars, because they simply can’t wait to see fresh faces smile with rows of rotten teeth.

This is the appropriate time to scare your friends or get scared back. It is also the perfect time to blow the dust off those nostalgic horror movies you’ve been saving, like Frankenstein, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Amityville Horror, or Child’s Play.

Most importantly this is the absolute best time to show off your creativity, with all the options to decorate a scary house and create a costume for trick or treating.

My family/friends and I walk around Halloween night and wear simple costumes like fake beards or wigs.

Most of the time we collect candy, but for some reason I always seem to have an empty bag before I get home.

I always enjoy the idea of scaring strangers and getting away with it. One Halloween night I wore a black cloak and hid behind a bush in front of my house to scare people. A note to keep in mind is to always know who you are scaring beforehand, as the little kids will probably be crying all night.

The atmosphere in October gives out good vibrations. Sure, there are other months that give equally great vibes like getting in the Christmas Spirit for December. But not everyone can celebrate Christian holidays or Jewish holidays. Everyone can’t celebrate Halloween either but it isn’t the only topping on the ice cream. You can spend time enjoying the cool weather, playing sports, or going to scary events like Universal Studios Horror nights, or Knott’s Scary Farm. You can also be like me and go out to costume parties, or set up scary decorations on my house and scare victims that come passing by.

Spend your time enjoying October and what it has to offer, go out with finds or family and enjoy it while you still can, because before you know you’re walking into Christmas trees and candy canes.