Fresh Faces, Different Places


Roberto Hernandez and Bianca Barretto

When kids come to a new school it may be hard to adapt to a whole new environment. Kids all over the USA are contstantly moving to different schools from other areas of the country. Here are exapmles of students here at RDPS:

Cesar Escalante Ramirez


Originally from San Jose, freshman Cesar Escalante has been adapting to the life of a Lobo.

“I didn’t even know I would be attending Rancho. My mom working in the area made it conveinent to come here,” said Escalante.

Some interesting things about him are that he enjoys playing the guitar and bass. He also knows how to solve the Rubics cube in under 30 seconds as well.

“It’s a really clean and nice school, I enjoy being here. Having a hall locker for the first time is a big plus too.”

Adrianne Ulaso


Junior Adrianne Ulaso is originally from the Phillipines and is a fluent speaker of Tagalog. Her mother decided to bring her to Rancho because it’s close to her home.

“My mom decided to bring me here because it’s no hassle for me,” said Ulaso.

She enjoys watching movies and also works at Dolphin Park on the weekend as a youth worker. Her hobbies include watching television, going to beach to surf, and writing comments on internet blog posts. Ultimately, she also enjoys cooking and is hoping to have a great junior year here at RDPS.

Daveon Walker (I apologize for non-colored picture, wasn’t able to find the original picture, this was taken from the newspaper)


Senior Davion Walker is starting off his first year here after three years at Paramount High. Walker is originally from Rhode Island , but came out to live in California with his dad when he was only six.

“I miss home occasionally and want to go back, but I enjoy California as well,” said Walker.

Walker expressed his passion for traveling. When he’s not traveling to Egypt, Greece, Hawaii and more, he spends his time telling people about his love for dolphins.

“I look forward to traveling to new places every year. All these trips are made possible thanks to my mom owning several businesses.”