Welcome Mr. Galvan


Ulises Martinez Macias

Mr. Galvan, easy to see in his wide brimmed hat.

Ulises Martinez Macias

Rancho has a new P.E. teacher this year: Mr. Galvan.

“Before I came to Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School I was teaching in another school in Long Beach,” Mr. Galvan said. “I really like Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School because it’s a great school.”

Mr. Galvan is a great teacher and he teaches middle school and high school. 

Even outside of school, Mr. Galvan likes to be active.

“When I’m outside of school I like going to the gym and I also recommend you guys to go to the gym someday too.”

After all, Mr. Galvan is going to be the new permanent P.E. teacher. He also happens to have a friend to do activities with him.

“I also have a golden retriever and I like to play soccer, baseball, basketball and a little bit of football.”