Review: Purple Hearts



Netflix film, Purple Hearts, delights viewers.

Abigael Camba, Staff Writer

Purple Hearts, a flim released July 29 on Netflix, is about two people who arrange a fake marriage for money. Those two characters, Cassie Salazar and Luke Morrow are played by actors Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine.

This movie is rated TV-14, and it might not be appropriate for ages 14 and under due to the strong language, sex scenes, etc. Purple Hearts in my opinion is a very well acted movie with amazing emotional scenes with romance, heartfelt moments, some heartbreak and love-hate relationships. 

In Purple Hearts the two main characters had a fake marriage planned out because they needed the extra money to deal with their money problems and get good health insurance. Luke Morrow is a troubled marine, and before Luke became a marine he was an addict. Their “relationship” started off as fake but then soon became a truly loving one. Luke and Cassie had to act like a lovely couple around most people like other marines and Luke’s father but honestly disliked each other at the time.

Cassie Salazar is a waitress at a bar and also in a band named “The Loyal” with her friends. This band doesn’t actually exist in real life but Sofia Carson also known as Cassie Salazar does sing  “Feel The Beat” in the movie. Cassie sent her music to some small record labels; she ended up blowing up on her song “Come Back Home” and performed it live.

In the movie, Luke’s bunkmate is Chosen Jacobs, who plays Frankie, and Frankie is also Cassie’s best friend. Cassie originally asked Frankie for the fake marriage but Frankie couldn’t agree since he was going to propose to another woman, Breana Raquel, who plays Riley in Purple Hearts. 

Purple Hearts is a very good movie, probably more for teenagers if they are allowed to watch it. The movie has a series of events with more action between actors or more emotional events such as injuries that happened during the war in Iraq. Purple Hearts isn’t based on a true story but is still very well played out and some or most events in the movie could or have happened in real life.