Review: Lightyear


Disney Studios

Lightyear looked promising but ended up disappointing this reporter.

Giselle Ramirez, Staff Writer

“Lightyear,” a 2022 PG rated film, put together by Disney and Pixar, turned out to be a major flop, according to its earnings and viewers. The movie itself was to be a derivation of the classic 1995 hit, Toy Story. However, “Lightyear” turned out to be quite vapid.

“Lightyear” is about a young, yet determined space adventurer (Buzz Lightyear) who is out to get his intergalactic research team back to Earth. To do this, he has to test a variety of ships that travel long distances at light speeds. In doing so, he travels far into the future due to how fast he was traveling. During one of these test flights He comes across fellow space rangers, from the future, who he’d soon have to work with to save themselves and their research from their evil enemy Zurg.

Personally, I did not enjoy this movie because the conflict felt out of hand. The fact that Buzz was determined to complete his mission instead of spending time with his friends, adding to the fact that he kept traveling further into the future after each mission and wouldn’t see them  for years (even though it feels like a few minutes to Buzz) just didn’t catch my approval. Disney movies always have an emotional moment but “Lightyear” didn’t make me feel any way in particular. Compared to all the other Disney Pixar movies, “Lightyear” was a disappointment. 

Disney had spent $200 million dollars on this movie, yet its audience hasn’t found much interest in it. According to recent studies, “Lightyear” has earned only $105 million. Compared to other Disney hits, that on average are around $300 million. Most viewers have rated this movie only one star, and in total, “Lightyear” scored only 2.7 out of 5 stars. The majority of viewers who rated this movie with five stars were Toy Story fans in the first place.“Lightyear” may not have been so popular, nor a major Disney movie. But if you want to make your own opinion on it, you can stream “Lightyear” on Disney Plus or pretty much any other streaming service that streams Disney/Pixar movies and tell us what you think about it.