Here’s to Your Health

Dusty Vroom fills a much needed position at our school that has been lacking the past couple of years. We now have a health teacher


Giselle Ramirez

Rancho welcomes Dusty Vroom, our new health teacher.

Giselle Ramirez, Staff Writer

Dustin “Dusty” Vroom is the new health teacher here at our school. Because health is a graduation requirement, he teaches almost all grades. 

“I love teaching in this school because the students are amazing and it’s a great change. It makes it easier because the commute isn’t as long and the school is closer to my house,” Vroom said. “I enjoy all of the other supportive teachers and staff.”

Vroom is married and he has four kids that he loves to spend time with. He also enjoys watching sports and being physically active.

“I really like the color blue because it reminds me of the sky. I enjoy green just as much because it reminds me of life itself,” said Vroom.

“My favorite animal has to be either a shark or a whale because they come from the ominous, yet majestic ocean. They are really cool animals in general.”

“I am really happy to teach at this school,” Vroom said. “I am excited to support and cheer for the Lobos!”