What’s In the Lobos’ Closet?

Basic supplies and clothing are being collected for students in our school.


Daniel Ramirez

Larry the Lobo goes a bit overboard (what’s new?) trying on many articles from the Lobos’ Closet at once.

Angelica Gonzalez, Opinions Editor

Have you ever been in need of clothes and basic supplies, or known someone who is? Well you can go to our school’s very own Lobos Closet. 

What exactly is the Lobos Closet you may ask? It is a classroom where you can go in and get what you need for no cost at all. It has clothes ranging from various sizes for boys, girls, men and women. There are also shoes, toiletries, books and even some school supplies. 

“A lot of these things have been donated by some faculty and families,” said Ms. Vallejo, English teacher and CSF advisor.

Originally, the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) was the group that started it all. One of the previous projects they worked on was collecting clothes and then donating them to local shelters.

“One time when we had just done a clothing collection, Mr. Gomez had a student in need of things so we brought him in to pick out some clothes. He left super happy,” Ms. Vallejo added.

Just then she had the amazing idea to start collecting clothes to keep in the school for anyone in need of them. From then, the Lobos Closet was born.

Over the years she has collected many articles of clothing. I am currently helping Ms. Vallejo clean up the space so it feels more welcoming and inviting to those coming in. The space is really going to be transformed into something nice. If you go and don’t see anything you need, don’t be shy to request things.

The Lobos Closet is open to anyone, middle school through high school, and even for local families in the area in need. If you are in need of something, you can go ask Mr. Gomez or any other counselor for a referral. It is currently under some maintenance due to it being closed from the whole pandemic but soon it will be open full time.

 Volunteers are also welcome to help at lunch. They could really use the help since, so far, it’s a two person job. If you would like to help, talk to Ms. Vallejo in room B201.