Meet the New Student Counselor


Ms. Soohoo, our new Specialized Student Services Counselor

Emily Loy, Staff Writer

Ms. Soohoo is our new Specialized Student Services counselor, and she is working her first year at our school.

“My title is a Specialized Student Services counselor, so I provide that extra layer of support for students who have open court cases, experiencing homelessness, or possibly involved with juvenile justice.” Soohoo said. She works a very unique job and meets very unique students in return. Soohoo has been working as a Specialized Student Services counselor in multiple schools for 24 years, but she has had numerous jobs throughout her whole career. One of those careers was being a PSA counselor.

Soohoo tends to hike and travel whenever she has the time to. She has visited 24 countries in her lifetime, And some of the countries she would like to visit someday are Spain, certain parts of Australia such as New Zealand, and Iceland. She adores being out in nature. For her birthday, she loves to take a big hike. One mountain she hiked to the top of was Mt. Whitney.

“I used to have 4 cats and 2 dogs at some point. It’s a long term commitment.  When they passed on, I did not get new pets because I like to travel. It’s really hard to find someone to take care of your pets when you travel.” she said. It is understandable why she did not get any new pets due to all the traveling she does in her free time.

Ms. Soohoo does not have any favorite TV shows because she does not really watch TV. Whenever she does, she watches too many to have a favorite in particular.

“For my undergrad, I went to UC Berkeley and I majored in psychology. After that, I went to Cal State LA and got my masters in counseling. Then in order to work in this position, you’ll also need a people personal services credential with a specialization chart wolfen for attendance. So I had to get that too. But I’m glad that I got it.” she said. She is someone who will for sure fit nicely into our school staff as a counselor with a kind personality.