Teresa Sanchez

Meet our new chemistry teacher


Teresa Sanchez is a first year chemistry teacher for the ninth through twelfth graders.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to teach it.” Sanchez said. “My mom was a teacher and once I saw her teaching I really enjoyed it.” 

Sanchez was a tutor most of her life up until late high school when she started tutoring her peers with chemistry. Later on, Sanchez had taken an internship at the City of Hope, a cancer research center. 

“When I was graduating I had applied for a program. After all, in this program they would help me get my teaching credential in chemistry and now here I am,” Sanchez said.

Being in Sanchez’s shoes, it might be hard, stressful, and even overwhelming to teach a high school level course this school year. After all, it is her first year. Instructing a class with possibly immature children is surely something all teachers face at least once during their career.

But when the day is done behind the desk Ms Sanchez truly does enjoy painting, crocheting, and mainly road trips. Most of her trips she likes to go and see the state capitals of the U.S.