Bonnieann Pioch


Ms. Pioch, our new Special ED IDM teacher, is just starting her journey in teaching.

“This is actually my first year of teaching,” she said, and she is looking forward to it. So far, one of her favorite things about being a teacher is the kids themselves. She talked about them being the best part in teaching. She cares very much about all of her students. 

Ms. Pioch loves to travel in her free time. She has been to all sorts of places such as Europe, the Caribbean and most of the United States. Many have not traveled as much as she has.   

“My least favorite part about being a teacher is definitely the lesson planning.” she said. She admitted that with her current students, everyday is interesting, but other than that nothing much has happened yet. “What I hope to achieve in my teaching career is to teach all my students to learn to be independent,” she said. She seems very eager to teach her students to be independent. 

Football is one of her favorite sports, so each year for New Years, she goes to a new football stadium to watch a football game. She travels to lots of different places to watch each game each year. 

“I don’t really watch any shows in my free time since I don’t watch tv often,” she said. Traveling is what she mostly does rather than binge watching shows like most people do. That makes her unique compared to most others. She does not have any pets at the moment. “Not currently, no. I had recently put down my dog. He had been too old.”