2020 at a Glance

Jayda Vaifanua, Staff Writer

Entering the new year makes us look back at the year that was 2020. Specifically how it affected us personally and in general. Many things happened, and 2020 will be a year that we can call the worst year of our lives. In early 2020, a deadly virus entered the US and started spreading widely throughout US and the world. Schools and restaurants were closed, while covid-19 cases continued to raised. Certain protocols were announced such as wearing a mask, limited gatherings,  and only take out and online orders from restaurants were allowed. Despite all that has happened in 2020, we all have made impossible things  possible.

Abigail Varela, a seventh grader, expressed some things she will remember from 2020. Due to limited gatherings, some people do more video chats and text over the phone with family members.

“Some things I’ll remember from 2020 is talking to my family more often, and celebrations/holidays we still managed to do even without everyone present,” Varelal recounts. ”Currently I miss my cousins because I have gotten really close with them but the coronavirus is present and they live far away so I’m not able to see them. I also miss going out to restaurants and parties just for the sake of it,” she adds.

For everyone’s safety and to prevent covid from spreading, people are not able to do the things we want to. Before everything that has come along with covid, life was easy and free.

“It was a challenging year but it really showed me how hard I needed to work for things. I also think 2020 helped me realize important values about myself and who I should surround myself with,” Varela says.

2020 had a lot of very serious and dangerous things happen such as fires, killer wasps in the US, COVID-19 and many more. Although it may have been a bad and upsetting year, 2020 has taught us many things.

“I wish I could’ve had the end of my sixth grade year back and the beginning of my seventh. It was my first year in middle school, and I really wanted to experience it, but things happen and now I’m at home for my seventh grade year,” said Varela.

Nowadays, students wish and hope that someday we will return to in person school. Eighth graders and seniors all wish they could be at school for culmination, yet we have not heard any word yet from the counselors or staff about that. They wish to be in school by the time they graduate, but there has been no word from RDPS staff.

“I would change how long corona lasted. I enjoyed not having to worry about when I got my homework done, but I can’t see my family or friends which really took a toll on my health, both mentally and physically. I wouldn’t go outside as much, so I’m really pale now, and have been really closed off to the outside world,” Abigail said.

Before COVID-19 started spreading widely, we were able to do many things that we took for granted such as trips, flights, dining in restaurants, visiting family, and much more. COVID-19 has had a big impact on all of the world.

“Some things, moments, and events that stood out to me were all the protests and celebrations early in the year. Although I wasn’t able to attend the BLM protests, I supported the movement and how peaceful the marches were. New Years and birthdays from the beginning of the year stood out to me as well, because it was some of the few memories I have outside with close family and friends,” Varela said.

The BLM protest was one of the most notable events of the year, the awareness of  police brutality to the African-American community in America became prevalent and gave awareness of the fears a Black person lives with everyday in America.

“One thing I accomplished in 2020 was my reading goal (reading more often and frequently) and getting good grades. My accomplishments may be small, but they are just small steps for bigger accomplishments in my future,” Abigail says.

Regardless of all the bad things that happened in 2020, we all have goals that we would like to accomplish. 

          Mr. Jose Casillas, middle school science teacher says that the birth of his newborn daughter was one of the most memorable moments of 2020.

“I miss getting together with family and friends. It’s been really tough not seeing your family hold and play with my daughter.” 

Time with friends and family is always fun and memorable, thats one thing we can all agree on missing a whole lot.

“A lot went on in 2020, I hope things only get better from here,” Casillas says.

There was a lot of certain events and occasions that occurred in 2020 that will stay in the past, but there will always be times where we will look back and reflect on the year it was for us as individuals. 

“2020 was a roller coaster,” said Jeremiah Vigil, an eighth grader .

Vigil says and agrees that 2020 was a crazy year for all of us.2020 was a year of obstacles and hardships to where it gets more difficult for all of us. Some things we hope we can leave in the past along with the year, but bring the good memories and moments with us.

“I wish that coronavirus wasn’t a thing. I would change how animals/people are being respected,” said Vigil.

In late 2019, the first cases of the corona virus were reported in Wuhan, China and the virus quickly spread around the nation. In March of 2020, the US closed schools because of the chance that they would become a super spreader of the virus. They have remained closed for almost a year. 

“When my boyfriend and I first met and when we did late night adventures together. I choose the right person to be my (boyfriend)….,” Vigil says.

Vigil says one of his best moments/accomplishments is meeting his boyfriend for the first time and their relationship is still to be together. 2020 has made us start communicating more over screen and less in person due to quarantine. In effect, some have found  their significant other while online. Most families hope to see their relatives and friends sooner or later, but as for now (and for the sake of the people), we must remain at home and wear masks to keep not just ourselves safe but everyone else safe too.

As school started to close, while the coronavirus spread massively, everything slowly started to change. In March, the closing of school turned us into online school. It was a big difference and affected us,  slowly going throughout the year. We start to get used to being online and doing school through zoom.