L.A Vaccination Sites Temporarily Shut Down

Emily Sanchez, Staff Writer

Los Angeles vaccine sites had temporarily closed last month due to the shortage of the COVID-19 vaccine called Moderna. Due to the massive demand for the vaccine, several vaccination sites have reached occasional setbacks leading to frustration and questions about whether the vaccines are going to the people that need them the most. The sites that were forced to shut down include Dodger Stadium, Crenshaw Christian Center, San Fernando, Lincoln Park and Hansen Dam. 

 “I think it’s quite reasonable as to why they had to shut them down temporarily and it’s for the better but I hope they get back to vaccinating people since COVID is still known to spread rapidly,” said Lyeza Magsino, a sophomore.   

The sites will reopen as soon as they receive more vaccines. While there are many that are in need of the vaccine, people must stay patient in getting their first and second dose due to the limited supply there is. The vaccine sites are working their hardest to give it to as many people as possible but it’s all up to how many vaccines they receive. 

“I feel that the vaccine should’ve been given to those who are really in need of it and those who really want it,” said Yasmin Lopez, a sophomore.

According to the Los Angeles times, “California tries to expand vaccinations beyond medical workers and seniors to other groups including essential workers and teachers.” They are hoping to get the vaccine out to those groups in early March. As of now, vaccinations have expanded to teachers and can safely be in the classroom to resume daily instructing.   

 “It’s sad because the vaccination sites that were open gave many people hope to feel safer and now they’re shutting down but that also shows how big COVID is and how it affected a lot of people and how many people really need it [the vaccine],” said Desiree Romero , a sophomore.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said that, “If Los Angeles receives enough supply, the city’s sites can complete five million vaccinations by July.” He also declared that “we learned that other cities with smaller populations are receiving more doses than our entire country with a larger population.” But according to Deadline, “the mayor promised to fight for more vaccines.” 

Los Angeles needs and will get more vaccines. The city has millions of residents therefore we need many doses of vaccines. “If we have the vaccines that we have been promised to get, sometime in May, June we can go back to normal,” said Dr. Ali Mokdad, a professor at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. 

As people become more frustrated and impatient, it’s important to keep cool as it is a temporary problem that will be solved. With the large population of LA county, it is expected for a shortage and citizens will need to continue practicing social distancing guidelines until their vaccination and after it.