NFL Playoffs

Jayda Vaifanua, Staff-writer

It is that time of the year again, where NFL teams compete in their playoff run. All teams go against each other to compete for the NFL championship such as the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New Orlean Saints, and many more. Some teams have made it to the playoffs more than once, making themselves regular while others struggle to make it to the playoffs. Most teams have won the championship, which is added to their record of championships, divisions, and titles the team has won throughout the years. Some teams that have made it to the playoffs are the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers for this season.

“The games have been interesting. Unfortunately, injuries that were a part of the game were evident and may be a factor in the conference championship round,” Tatnall said. “Hopefully people are back in the stands for the games.” 

Assistant Athletic Director Dwayne Tatnall expresses his thoughts on how the playoffs will go. The tension between the teams has been serious, but have played the game how it’s supposed to be played.

As you know every football game has a lot of fans and family, which makes the stadium crowded with thousands of people. Due to the protocols put in place because of Covid, there is limited capacity in the stadium. That has been a big change in sport due to Covid.

“It will be good to see if the “Pack is back” and if Aaron Rogers can win another title,” Tatnall mentioned.

This is the first time in a decade that they have a chance to head to the playoffs. This will also be an opportunity for Aaron Rogers to win it as he had in the past.

“Kansas City is a strong team, but Buffalo is on a mission and should not be counted out. KC is trying to go back to back and have a good chance to do so.” Tatnall added.

Most KC fans are saying that they have a chance of making it to the playoffs KC has 15 wins and 2 losses. If KC makes it to the playoffs, this will be their third championship on their records.

“The Brady train ends here. I believe the Packers will prevail over the Buccaneers in the “Battle of the Bays.” Tatnall predicts.

A while back, veteran quarterback Tom Brady from the New England Patriots went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play there. Most people believe that they won’t make it to the playoffs and believe he should’ve stayed with the New England Patriots.

“The Los Angeles Chargers will soon be the top NFL team in the City of Angels. Another team I long rooted for was the San Francisco 49ers.” Tatnall added.

Tatnall adds that he has been a Los Angeles chargers fan, but also is a fan for the San Francisco 49ers.

“My thoughts of the playoffs are that it is different since there are no fans there but not as much as there used to be,” Max said. “I want the Rams to win but they lose getting disqualified from the playoffs,” Zelaya added. “I want  the Rams to win but they lose getting disqualified from the playoffs.” 

Max Zelaya, a seventh-grader along with other fans expresses that it would be much better with fans present in the stadium as the audience gives an electrifying feeling to the game. During Brady’s time with the Patriots, he has won 6 championships. People are saying if he and his team make it to the playoffs, Brady might add another championship ring to his record. He has more rings than any player in the NFL.

“I think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want it more than the Green Bay, the Chiefs, or Bills,” Zelaya says. “ however I’m rooting for the Buffalo Bills because they have never won one a Superbowl,” Max adds

Some say with a player like Brady, they have a high chance of making the playoffs. While they compete in the ‘20-’21 champions of this year’s playoffs, the game between these 4 games will show who will make it. Tampa Bay fans are excited to see if the Buccaneers will have a chance to reach the playoffs. The bills have won two consecutive championships in the NFL. Although their teams are good, they never had a chance to compete in the NFL playoffs.

“I am not going to pick [a team] because of the way the game will play out, how the d-line and o-line are gonna play. But with Brady, I feel that the Bucs will have a better chance of winning this year’s Superbowl, although with Mahomes they are a stable and undefeatable team. Personally, my favorite NFL teams are New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Ravens.’’ Vaifanua mentioned. 

Isaiah Vaifanua, junior and football captain is not taking sides on who will win this year’s Superbowl. Coming from someone with experience in football and knows how the game is played, he is focused on how the game will be if both d-line and o-line are good well by both teams.

“I am hoping to see at least more people in the stadium, to me I feel that it is better when there is an audience/crowd in person. I was shocked that I saw some people in the stands, but I heard that there will be limited in-person tickets for the Superbowl.’’ Vaifanua adds.

Due to the coronavirus, they did not let anyone in the stands. But this year for the ‘20-’21 Superbowl, they are letting a limited amount of fans in the stadium.

“It was crazy but I was not surprised when the Buccaneers won against Green Bay. With Brady and Gronkowski, they are some of the top players from New England before coming to Tampa Bay. Although Green Bay did some good. They were almost close to winning, but it was a good and fair game.’’ Isaiah adds.

With the retired players Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady, they were some of the best tight-end and quarterbacks that the Patriots had. In an interview with Gronkowski, he quotes that those times playing with New England will always have a place in his heart, throughout those nine years I was there.

“I hope to see much of the same expectations of every Super Bowl as if nothing changed. Although due to covid-19, I hope all that will go good and safe during the Super Bowl LV.’’ Vaifanua mentions.

Isaiah wishes the best of luck for both competing teams. Knowing two both undefeatable and well playing teams, will give it their all and play their hearts out.

Despite all that is going on, coronavirus did not have a chance at stopping the best event of NFL history. Superbowl LV will be one of the most looked forward to events of all time, NFL fans across the globe are looking forward to seeing who will be the winning team of this year’s Superbowl championship.