Dodgers Offseason Moves

Michelle Fermin, Corrections Editor


The reigning World Series Champions Los Angeles Dodgers had an amazing year in 2020, but can they continue to dominate in 2021? The Dodgers competitors New York Mets and San Diego Padres have made many trades and free-agent signings in hopes to catch up to the Dodgers; the Dodgers have stayed almost completely silent during this off-season. The Dodgers have lost veteran players Kiké Hernandez and Joc Pederson to free agency, leaving many wondering what the team’s next move is. 

The Dodger’s biggest loss this offseason has been in the bullpen (relief pitchers), The team has lost veteran pitchers Pedro Baez and Alex Wood to free agency. These pitchers have been a part of the organization for years and have always remained consistent in the regular season and playoffs. There is no doubt that their absence will leave a big hole in the bullpen and have long-term effects if the Dodgers front office doesn’t combat it with signings.

“During the whole process, they were so forward and always checking in,” Kahnle, baseball pitcher for the Dodgers said to reporters. “Obviously, one of the big markers for me was going to a winning team that has a chance to win a championship. The Dodgers checked off one of those markers big time. Throughout the whole process, they just seemed to be into me and really wanted me. They made it feel that way. Everyone I talked to, from the GM, the president, the training staff, and the coaches, seemed to be intrigued and wanted to get to know me.”

The Dodger’s biggest signing this off-season is Tommy Kahnle. Kahnle recently went through Tommy John surgery to resolve the injury that occurred during the only inning he pitched in the 2020 season. The Dodgers signed him to a two-year contract through the 2022 season for $4.75 million according to MLB Trade Rumors. Kahnle will most likely not be available until after the 2021 season while he is recovering from his surgery.

The team has traded for Corey Knebel coming from the Milwaukee Brewers. Corey Knebel has had success but has slowed down due to injury, previously having dominant runs in the postseason and being an All-Star in 2017. Corey Knebel and the Dodgers avoided arbitration through the 2021 season by signing a 1 year $5.25 million contract according to NBC Sports. Knebel is expected to pitch in the 2021 season having recovered from surgery. The Dodgers also signed 22 during this year’s international draft. This will only

The World Championship team has a lot of holes to fill with having lost many veteran players this off-season. The Dodgers continue to have a strong farm system which is beneficial to the team as they will later spend less money on free agents and trades when they have internal players who will play the position needed. The Dodgers although silent is never without a plan for the future of the organization.