The Resident Evil Showcase Recap

Salvador Zamora, Entertainment Editor

Resources in survival horror games are often scarce, but the game itself has quite enough to go around. Resident Evil is back as Capcom is seemingly making it a tradition to release one every year. Just like last year, it even comes with an online mode. 

Resident Evil is a franchise that dates back to March 22, 1996, which makes this year its 25th birthday. So in celebration, Capcom held an online conference known as RE: Showcase on January 21st, 2021. Capcom displayed this year’s anticipated game and much more to come with the franchise. 

As announced last year in Sony’s PlayStation 5 Reveal, the new Resident Evil game will be titled Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil VIIIage as the “v”, “i” “l”, and “l.” are displayed in roman numerals to represent the number eight because it is the eighth main installment into the franchise. 

Although mysterious upon announcement, the showcase offered much more information such as the Tall Lady that fans cannot stop obsessing over. Also, it is one of the few times Resident Evil (RE) actually has a fully realized female antagonist; so sorry Evelina from RE7 but hello Lady Dimitrescu from RE Village. 

In Village, returning protagonist Ethan Winters must rescue his daughter as she winds up involved in this mysterious village although returning franchise stronghold, Chris Redfield may be involved and not as his heroic protagonistic self has been in previous entries. 

Along with the game plot details, Capcom displayed some gameplay as the first-person combat and adventure return but as a surprise to many fans, so does the crafting/inventory system from Resident Evil 4. VIllage isn’t the first Resident Evil game to take place in a village and castle as a protagonist must endure enemies who aren’t the traditional zombies. Last but not least the merchant returns but in the form of a humongous guy known as The Duke. We just can’t wait to see how this game turns out.

Along with the showcase, fans were teased with the online mode bundled with the game that is similar to how Resident Evil 3 remake was bundled with the Co-op mode RE: Resistance. 

With Village, fans can expect RE: Verse which brings back most of the series protagonists, antagonists, and monsters (remake versions as well) as players will combat each other in online player vs player combat. The trailer for that however has seen mixed reviews from fans and I myself can say the game filter is a bit off-putting. Fna can sign up for the closed beta now, simply look it up. However, if you never had an Ambassador account for Resident Evil, it is unlikely you’ll be selected. 

PlayStation 5 players can enjoy the visual puzzle demo “Maiden” as the player attempts to escape one of the game’s mansions. While different console players will patiently wait for a demo in the spring. 

Resident Evil fans can expect from the franchise soon as rumors are being made about a Resident Evil 4 remake. As well as news on the Netflix Original Series Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, and even yet another live-action picture directed by 47 Meters Down director Johannes Robert to be revealed sometime within hopefully this year or the next.   

Also for Division 2 players, fans can enjoy a Resident Evil crossover as loot such as Leon Kennedy’s outfit and much more will be available between February 2nd and February 15th.  

Fans can expect Resident Evil VIIIage on May 7th, 2021 as it releases on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One (and its console versions), and of course on PC. There is no rating yet but with VIIIage being bundled with RE:7 (the edition I preordered), everyone can expect a Mature rating. 

The game is available for pre-order on the respective consoles/systems now and for those who pre-order, they can expect a Mr. Racoon Weapon Charm for their in-game weapon along with a survival resource pack for the cost of 60 dollars. For those wanting the deluxe edition, they can expect safe room music, RE7 found footage filter, a Mr. Everywhere weapon charm, max difficulty unlock, a save game device, Chris Redfield’s signature Albert01 handgun, and something known as The Tragedy Of Ethan Winters along with their pre-order bonuses for the cost of 70 dollars. For those crazy like me to throw almost a hundred dollars for a game, fans can get the Complete Bundle which comes with the deluxe version of VIIIage and the base game plus downloadable story missions for RE7 as it is the Gold (complete) edition of that game for 80 dollars. Last but not least, for the collectors, the Collector edition which is priced at 220 dollars, fans can expect the deluxe version of the game, a Chris Redfield figure, an art book of the game, a box, and steel bookcase, and a poster of the game.