You’re Never Too Old To Celebrate Halloween

Michelle Fermin, Copy Desk Editor

        Halloween has been around for centuries and celebrated by many. It’s a fun holiday. You dress up in costumes, free candy, decorating, carve pumpkins, and scary movies. When I was a little kid I’d get excited about putting on a costume and going to the rich neighborhood to get the big candy bars. I could also remember each costume I had. As time went on and I got older I felt like I was getting too old to go trick or treating. 

          The last time I actually had an actual costume was when I was thirteen and I dressed as a pirate. I’m sure many teenagers feel that way, or they just grow out of it. Some might even hear adults say “Aren’t you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?’’ There isn’t a law or age limit to who can get candy or celebrate the holiday. By all means anyone can celebrate the holiday to their liking. I know some people say that as a joke which is fine but if someone purposely says that to a person who likes to dress up or even get a little candy it shouldn’t matter.  Halloween is for everyone, and people can express themselves with their creativity. 

          Even though I’m an 18 year old I look forward to Halloween every year. Not because of free candy, but because there’s many things you can do on the holiday. I know people who are fully grown adults and they still dress up or decorate their houses. Truth be told the adults who go all out when decorating their houses are the best. It was very creative and they made Halloween even more exciting. Their yards would look like actual graveyards or they’d put these really nice inflatables up. I was too scared to go into the haunted houses but I’m sure they were great. 

          Even though Halloween isn’t going to be the same this year because of COVID-19, we can still make the most of it. Kids can still dress up, Teens and adults too. It may be an indoor Halloween but we can get creative. Halloween isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I say if you think you’re too old to celebrate Halloween you’re not. You and others can do whatever it is you enjoy on Halloween. Regardless of what others think or if you feel it be weird because you’re older. If dressing up and decorating your house is something you enjoy by all means do it. You’re never too old to celebrate Halloween.