Sore Losers

          In a competition, the people that are competing against each other are both really trying hard to win. They both know in their head that if they don’t win they are going to be a loser. Some people take the loss calmly and they accept it but others get mad and they don’t accept their loss. That is called being a sore loser. 

          The reason that a person that does not accept the loss, gets mad is because they are seeing their loss everywhere. They are being repeatedly told that they didn’t win. In my opinion it shouldn’t be that way because they could respond wrong. Instead shake their hand peacefully and say thanks for playing or something  that’s nice.The point of losing is to learn from your mistakes that you did and make that better and improve so next time you can win. 

          We all recently saw an occasion occur of someone not reacting well to a loss. It was the 2020 presidential election. The two people that were in a competition and were going against each other were Donald Trump and Joe Biden. They were running to be the President of the United States and we all were aware of who won, Joe Biden. Trump didn’t believe that he was going to get beat by Biden but at the end he did. Trump wouldn’t accept it. 

          Trump was being a sore loser, a possible reason why is because everyone on social media was making fun of him and rubbing in his face that he lost the presidency to Biden. Those comments in social media were just making it worse for him to accept that he lost and until this point I still don’t know if he did (winner is finalized in December by House of Representatives casting electoral votes of their individual states.) Losing feels bad but you can always make it better if you the person that lost accepts it. You are not going to win all the time and that is ok but you have to accept it. Don’t listen to other people who will only make it worse and learn from it. If you don’t then you will always be a sore loser.  


Luis Perez