Christmas Is Overrated

   It’s that time of year again. Tis the Christmas season and you know what that means, shopping, decorating, food, and most importantly movies.  I’m not one to be pessimistic toward holidays but when it comes to Christmas I act somewhat like the grinch. I think Christmas is overrated because of how it’s everywhere no matter where you look Christmas is everywhere and it’s unavoidable. 

   Christmas just feels the same every year to me. Parents go buy their children presents, decorate the house and bake cookies/ other goods. The sad truth is that big corporations are the only ones that truly gain from around this time. Everyone is desperately trying to buy gifts and decorations while big businesses like Target, Amazon, Walmart, and many more. Especially the movies there are too many, and at what point do we say this movie has already been basically made 5 years ago but they just rebrand it and give it new characters and try to make it relevant to what’s happening in the real world at the moment. A perfect example of a rebranded movie with a hollow shell is The 2018 version of the grinch, the movie is basically trying to do what the old movie did except instead they somehow made a lovable character into a boring generic Illumination character, Illumination is not known for making great movies most movies they make are just marketing gimmicks to sell toys. 

   Although Christmas is undoubtedly a nice holiday and is a great time to spend with your loved ones but when it comes to all this marketing with the movies and shopping I just dislike it. Every year I feel like we are getting closer and closer to a Christmas from the 2000 Version of The Grinch. I feel like Christmas loses its charm to me each year. Christmas feels underwhelming because of how much we are exposed to all the Christmas cheer so early. I’ve seen stores put up Christmas decorations before Halloween was even over and I just feel it’s unnecessary for people to celebrate so early when you could celebrate it after Thanksgiving. That’s the reason why I love Halloween so much because we celebrate it in October and we aren’t spoiled by all the decorations of movies so early.

   Overall I do believe people celebrate Christmas too early and because of it Christmas just loses it’s feeling. Christmas just feels like it lasts so long and because of how long Christmas feels it just makes all the music and movies annoying to see. But nonetheless, Christmas is an overrated holiday and I would be happy if it was celebrated a little later than early.