Horror Anime To Binge

Lisa Gray, Staff Writer

If you’re an anime fan, specifically horror, this is just for you. Although Halloween is over, horror never ends. So I’d like to recommend some Horror Anime. Keep in mind these are just recommendations. I’ll be listing four of the ones I think are perfect, even if Halloween is over. 

Parasyte– Is the story of a 17-year-old boy named Shinichi Izumi, his family and himself live in a nice neighborhood and he’s a good kid. One day tiny worm-like aliens come to earth taking over the bodies of humans and causing them to lose all control of themselves. One attempts to take over Shinichi but fails and ends up taking control of his right hand. Shinichi has to learn to live with the alien without exposing his secret and keeping his family safe. I recommend this anime because it gives you the right amount of horror as well as humor. It is perfect to binge during Halloween. Rated M, mainly because of gore, language, and violence.

Death Note-  Yes I recommend this because it’s a classic. I’m sure many anime lovers know about Death Note. The main character is Light Yagami. He is described as a genius and always makes his parents proud. One day he stumbles upon a book titled Death Note and he takes it with him. Anyone’s name written in the book will die. Light decides to use the book against criminals to keep the city safe. Then things start to take a turn when he starts to take things into his own hands creating havoc throughout the city. I think you should watch this, even if you haven’t or you did already. The story itself is enough to keep you in suspense from start to finish. Rated M.

Blood-C- Saya Kisaragi is the main character of this series. It follows the life of her being a shrine maiden by day but at night Saya and her father protect the village from monsters called Elder Bairns who feed on humans. She is seen as a clumsy and oblivious girl but she is actually a fierce warrior. Saya is praised by her classmates for being kind and gifted at many things. It is then later revealed that everyone in the anime is not who they’re perceived to be and is hiding a dark secret. I recommend this anime because it makes you believe that this is just a girl fighting to protect her village and those around her are supportive of her, but it’s not. The anime is scary and dark. It is also unpredictable and the story is a psychological horror. Rated M. 

Junji Ito Collection Is an animated anthology horror series. The anime has one season and twelve episodes. I highly recommend this one because it kind of reminds me of “GooseBumps” only it’s animated and is more intense. The anime has a different story each episode with some of the characters appearing again in other episodes. Some find the anime to be funny rather than scary. I’d say the images in the manga and anime are kind of haunting. This anime would be perfect for Halloween. Not only is it entertaining, but It’s also something you and your family and friends can watch. Challenge each other to watch it in the dark, or you could watch it alone. Rated M.