Online Learning Through AP Readiness

Jacob Chavez, Staff Writer

As students are trying to adjust to having school online and preparing for AP tests this year, AP readiness has made their lessons into online sessions on Zoom that start at 8:30 and ends at 12:40. UCLA, like years prior, are hosting AP readiness sessions once a month on Saturday throughout the school year.

Although AP readiness is now virtual, seniors like Thu Le and Patricia Olvera are still willing to participate in the online version of AP readiness.

“I will still go because each class helps you understand your classes,” Le said.  

“I would continue going because I think it helps a lot and sometimes what’s covered in AP readiness, is shown again in my actual class. It helps me familiarize myself with material I don’t really know how to do,” said Olvera.

UCLA has provided multiple sessions for various subjects like AP Government and AP Literature, these classes have proven to be helpful to these students that attended. 

“Poetry is really hard to analyze the words and how short it is and critical lenses helped me focus on one thing at a time and be more organized. A passage we read all the same to see you, my dear.” said Le. 

Although AP classes could be more challenging because of it being online AP readiness could familiarize you with the AP class your taking.

“It was helpful because they gave you new ways to analyze texts and understand its meaning,” said Thu le. 

“They focused on areas I need a lot of help on for example, analyzing poetry is something I struggle in but having a class focused on me doing that and the teacher helps me guide me since I can see what they’re doing,” said Patricia Olvera. 

Both students attended AP literature classes which were very helpful for them in familiarizing themselves in subjects they don’t understand. The teachers as well are very dedicated in exposing these students to new concepts and guiding them through the process of honing their skills at analysis and critical thinking. 

Le notes how she prefers AP readiness done virtually rather than in person, but shows concerns on how online learning affects teachers.

“I think it’s more convenient to go online but it’s hard on the teachers to have the students attending to participate,” said Le.

For Olvera at least, the positives to online learning certainly outweigh the negatives of it.

“I think both have their perks since, in person, it’s meeting people from other schools. I like having AP readiness online because I can get there on time, everyone is muted, so there are no interruptions, and recently the classes have been small so it’s better to ask questions and participate compared to larger classes,” said Olvera.

AP readiness has its perks with being online, little to no interruptions, and quick feedback. When it comes down to it, AP readiness is extremely beneficial for AP students that are looking for support in sharpening their skills. More students should take advantage of AP readiness and those that attend can earn a certificate if you attend all sessions.