Learning Instruments Through The Fender Program

Christopher Martires, News Editor

The Fender Program aims to allow middle schoolers the chance to learn how to play various instruments virtually while stuck in quarantine. Middle schoolers should take advantage of this opportunity as it can give them a new experience and a step into the music world.

Music teacher and band director  Ms. Lopez, describes the Fender Program: “The purpose of the Fender Program is to make music more accessible in our communities. If selected, students are provided with free guitar, bass, or ukulele lessons, and they’re also provided a FREE instrument.”

Being in quarantine has left many people bored and with nothing to do, but the program can help ease that boredom for our younger students. Not all of our middle schoolers are in band, so it is wonderful that they can still be able to experience that through Fender. 

Lopez expresses why students should be part of the program and why it’s a great opportunity for them. 

This is a great opportunity for any student who has always wanted to learn to play any of these three instruments, but has never been able to,” she said. “This is also a great way for students to have an outlet or a distraction to everything going on in their world right now. Music is a great tool to cope with your emotions and/or express yourself; once a student discovers that they unlock a world of potential, the outcome is always phenomenal.”

Lopez notes that the current situation can be stressful and oftentimes worrying, so music can help distract students from that. Tensions are high during the pandemic, and being able to relax yourself to your own playing can definitely ease the pressure many of us are surrounded by.

A stranger helping you can feel intimidating, but thankfully for middle schoolers Ms. Lopez will help in teaching students.

“I am currently a Fender Program guitar teacher, and hoping to continue to work with them in the upcoming semesters. It’s so much fun!” she announced. 

Ms. Lopez will help students learn how to play the guitar twice a week Wednesdays and Saturdays. The learning sessions will last about an hour and a half long, plenty of time to learn the basics of bass, guitar, and ukulele. 

The Fender Program is a great way for students to be taught instruments they might enjoy listening to and give them a whole new experience on how they work. Registration for it ends on November 3rd and sessions will start February 2nd, so don’t miss out middle schoolers.