Staying Festive on Halloween


Manuel Zamora

Pumpkin carving is a classic go-to activity that is fun and keeps us in the Halloween Spirit.

Jacob Chavez, Staff Writer

Is Halloween canceled? Sadly, in a sense, yes. By the orders of the California state officials, due to COVID-19 kids, teenagers, and adults should expect a “very different Halloween” this year. Although trick or treating seems to be canceled, there is still so much fun to be had at home and ways to stay festive indoors.

Although some of the major factors of Halloween are different, some factors can still stay the same, for example, Pumpkin carvings. All you have to do is get a pumpkin located in a supermarket near you, find carving utensils, or use Pumpkin carving templates if you are less experienced. It’s nice and calming, and set aside sometime in the day to play some festive Halloween music and start carving away.

 Baking cookies is also a great way to stay festive and are very delicious to eat. You can be creative with colored frosting and create ghost, bat, pumpkin, and spider cookies there’s an endless amount of Halloween themed cookies you can make  with or cookie carvers

Instead of handing out candy this year, you can use that candy that was meant for handing out, and use it to do indoor trick or treating with your family. Set up certain areas in your home, and pretend you are going door to door trick or treating and wear your costume while doing so. 

If you are bummed out about not being able to put on your costume you made or bought you can do a Halloween costume contest with your friends or family in an online call and show off your costume, and in the end, your friends or family can vote on who wins the Halloween costume contest. 

Decoration is a big way to be festive and safe, you can decorate some aspects of your house to fit the Halloween season with spider webs, fake or real pumpkins, and Halloween lights. The best part of the decorations is most of them are reusable for Halloweens to come and are relatively affordable and easy to find. 

Another way is telling scary stories in the dark. You can go on a call with friends or family and tell scary stories to each other. You can either make extremely scary short stories or make them funny, the choice is yours, and if you want to be more competitive, vote on who had the scariest or funniest story and give them ultimate bragging rights of being the best storyteller.

Once you are finished with these activities down you can sit down with your friends or family and on an online call you can sit down relax and watch a scary or light-hearted Halloween movie from the tv, eat some of the candy you gathered from the indoor trick or treating, or eat the festive Halloween cookies you baked with milk and enjoy the movie with your friends and family. All in all, just stay safe inside, have fun and enjoy Halloween with your loved ones.