Morale Amid a Pandemic


Lisa Gray

The pandemic has caused several school closures across country, with no end in sight.

Emily Sanchez, Staff Writer

At last, the County of Los Angeles is slowly opening doors. Meanwhile, some counties got the privilege of reopening many things. Orange County, for example was recently removed from COVID-19 watch list and with that came the opening of elementary schools  Unfortunately, we still don’t see the same for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Public health officials discussed last week that LAUSD will not be permitted to reopen for in-person instruction until further notice. This is a bummer for seniors, freshmans, and those who are starting middle school and elementary.

“I feel like we are teaching ourselves basically,” said Mario Miramontes, a junior at Rancho Dominguez.

Sometimes online learning has it’s good days and its bad ones. Many students are hoping to go back soon to interact with other people and to go back to learning.

“I’ve always taken coronavirus seriously ever since we went on quarantine and I have followed all protocols,” said Samantha Andrade, a sophmore. 

Many of us need to be on the same page in order to overcome this virus. Some take it serious and others don’t. Many people are overwhelmed and anxious to go back to our normal lives. Americans across the U.S. are hoping a vaccine will be released soon.

“The vaccine must come out soon so everyone can go back to their normal schedules and do the things they love,” said Miramontes.

Because  the virus does spread easily,  the vaccine is much needed. As of right now there are still no vaccines available, but there are forty different vaccines in clinical trials at the moment. Currently, in California there are a total of 801K cases, with LA County accounting for 264K of them.

“I recently got over it and i think it’s time for it to go, everyone’s over it and want to go back to their regular lives,” said Alyssa Lomeli, another 10th grader.

The County of Los Angeles’ immense population is a reason why there’s many cases.The county is also still in tier one meaning most places are still closed, and in order for the county to get better and go through tier two, three, and four it must meet a certain criteria for two weeks.

Overall, people are hoping everything gets well soon and the new vaccine comes this upcoming year. Many different companies are coming up with their own vaccines. As of now, a few of them are on the final stages of testing. Still it is safer to social distance and follow guidelines now. Hopefully cases go down and there are fewer restrictions.