COVID’s Consequences, From a Science Teacher


Luis Perez

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Particle

MIchael Robinson, Staff Writer

As a young person I have never caught Covid-19 and never wanted to. I’ve always wondered what the effects are on the community and the victim itself. Also my own thoughts about Covid and others. And why it has such a huge impact on the people.

The virus, which started in China has made its way across the world. has grew to a size we could have never imagined. The U.S alone has seen over 200,000 deaths, and there seems to be no end in sight. Life as we know it has completely since now we see mandatory masks signs, social distancing virtually everywhere, and large gatherings are no where to be seen.

 “I think that when the Coronavirus was first discovered, nobody expected it to blow up the way it did. Once the virus was perceived as dangerous, it provoked fear among individuals, instilling a sense of panic in our entire community,” said Mrs. Trolesi, a science teacher at Rancho Dominguez.

This idea was shared by many people. The president of the United States even told people that there was nothing to worry about. Then, suddenly the world was under lockdown. For Mrs. Trolesi the signs were clear when she saw people waiting in long lines to clear shelves.  They bought everything from food to toilet paper in a panic. 

“This was the beginning of how the Coronavirus has transformed and continues to transform the community. The epidemic has dramatically affected how we work, play, and learn: Schools are closed, sports leagues have been canceled, people have been asked to work from home and many people have lost their jobs.,” she adds. 

To Trolesi it isn’t all bad, though. She points out that the sense of community has become very common locally and across the country.  People have been donating to hospitals, donating food, and offering services to those who need it. 

Even though at the start no one really took the virus seriously, it seems like the country has taken more effective measures. Now we are seeing heavier restrictions and ads that warn of the dangers of COVID. While we do not a lot about it, every day we make more progress in the research. For now, it is better to follow the COVID restrictions so we can get through this together.