You Got My Vote

Gilberto Franco, Staff Writer

The election for the U.S presidency is sooner than we think. In this election the people running for president are Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The race for presidency has become more popular over the last few months because Donald Trump has very different ideas than Joe Biden. Rancho Dominguez Preparatory on the other, seems to be a lot more left-leaning. While we are not old enough to vote yet, we can surely have an idea on who we would like.

 Aaliyah Sierra, a tenth grader at Rancho Dominguez said, ”Personally I’d vote for Biden. Although I think Biden and Trump both aren’t fit for president. I still think one is better than the other. Biden supports LGBTQ+, is pro-choice and wants to reinforce DACA.”

While she doesn’t know much about Biden, in Sierra’s opinion, he is the better option. If he were to follow his word, she believes, he has her full support. A concern for many voters in America is that they do not know exactly what plans Biden has laid out during his campaign, which worries them.

 ”If I was old enough to vote I’d definitely settle for Biden, he believes in climate change, believes in healthcare for all, wants to keep DACA, talks about the violence against women act, would like to tax the rich and big corporations, wants a more humane immigration policy, wants to act on gun control, wants to raise the minumun wage, wants to abolish the death penalty, and has often spoken out about his support of the LGBTQ community,“ said fellow sophmore Hannah Contreras.

Contreras seemed to share some of the same reasoning as Sierra. It is true that Biden is the more left leaning candidate as his opponent, President Donald J. Trump has repeatedly expressed view that are accepted as very right wing. 

Toni Ledesma, another sophomore, expressed her view on the election,.

”I would vote for Biden because I respect his beliefs more for this country, rather than Trump does. Trump wants to revoke rights for many people that include POC (people of color), women , LGBGQ+, and others,” she said.

As his been shown, among the students at Rancho Dominguez who support Joe Biden have some of the same topics as concerns: race, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ rights. According to them, under the Trump Administration, these people face a great threat and that is what they are worried about most. Biden has shown repeated support for each of these topics. 

Yes, of course there are students who disagree and that is completely okay. Our school is diverse in race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. This means that it is diverse when it comes to political views. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We aren’t forced to pick one side over the other even when most lean one way. While this is only a miniscule fraction of the entire student population, their voices speak for many.