College Applications Have Arrived!


Salvador Zamora

Mr. Viveros helping Salvador Zamora with his CSU Application

Christopher Martires, News Editor

The long-awaited season of college applications have finally arrived, and seniors should take advantage of the college applications that are now open! You can find where to apply by looking up their applications online. 

Gilbert Viveros, our college counselor, encourages seniors to apply to the three applications that are currently open: The Common Application, The UC Application, and The  Common Black College Application.    

“The applications that are now open are the Common Application, which are for private schools and some out-of-state public schools, and also the UC application which should be worked on more since they’re short essays or inside questions that need to be answered that’s part of the admission process,” Viveros said. “As well, there is the Common Black College Application, and that allows students to apply to 57 HBCUs–Historically Black Colleges and Universities–for only 20 dollars.”

Even if you cannot afford the cost of a private school, you should still apply regardless as privates can give grants that pay up to a full ride if you’re qualified to get a grant. As well, depending on your family income, you can be eligible for four free applications for the UC Application. You also do not need to be African-American to attend the HBCUs. These colleges have a diverse group of students that attend these colleges, so you do not need to fret about being in a different environment. The deadlines to apply for the Common Application is typically November 1 for early decision and January 1 for regular decision, the UC Application is November 30th, and Common Black College Application varies between colleges.

If you feel as if your grades do not allow for you to apply to a college or you cannot afford the tuition cost, Mr. Viveros explains while they’re other alternatives, you should still apply for the colleges regardless of your situation.

“Well there are many other options that students can look at applying, and to top it off, we in the Lobo Centers are not gatekeepers, so we do encourage students to apply anywhere and everywhere,” Viveros said. “I have had students who have applied to private schools knowing they didn’t have the GPA, but at the end of the day they came out with a great experience, having gone through even an interview process, and they understood what it took to get into a college and it made those students more determined than ever to go to community and transfer to that specific school, which was very encouraging. So, I never will hold back a student from applying. By all means, if you’re willing to apply and take a chance and be emotionally vulnerable, do it. It helps a student better understand the application process for when they transfer.

“That will also include it [tuition cost] because that way you can see what it could look like. You get exposure to what the financial could be or could not be because, even then,  price should never be a deciding factor before you apply. It should be the decision that you make for those schools that do accept you, and if the financial aid isn’t there for those schools that did accept a student then it’s okay to go to community college. At the end of the day it’s finding the right fit, you know not getting into extreme debt.”

Seniors should take advantage of the resources that the school provides, especially if they are forced to make decisions like what Mr. Viveros explained. You can meet with Mr. Viveros through the Virtual Lobo Center and also ask for academic advice from the Educational Talent Search program led by Melissa Gahungu and Jennifer Correa this year. You can meet with them at the Virtual Lobo Center during lunch, advisory, after school, and through text messaging through Remind.  

The application process can be daunting, but that is why there are resources for you to look at to get assistance. Seniors should be getting all prepped up and ready to tackle the college applications, and with the right set of advice and help, will be able to knock it out right out the park.