Eileen on the Edge: Bruno Major

Eileen Topacio, News Editor/Managing Editor

In spirit of it being the month of love and kisses, I have an artist here to share that you will absolutely fall in love with. Bruno Major (no, not Bruno Mars) is an underrated artist that I have discovered on SoundCloud recently, and his music is just so addicting. Major’s songs are definitely not very upbeat, but just very soothing to listen to. If I were to describe his music, it would be like staring at the sunset on a nice summer day with the love of your life. His songs can leave you with that fuzzy, warm feeling that’ll stick with you.

As a person who listens to music so often, I am always the type to go for something upbeat to bring my mood up. I do enjoy songs that are slower every once in a while, but those songs always make me feel so sad. With Major’s music though, you’ll experience a feeling of relaxation while feeling so happy. I’ve heard people say that his music makes them feel like they are in love with someone even if they are single. Some of my favorites would have to be, “Easily,” “Nothing,” and “Home.”

If you listen to just one song, you can already tell that this guy has had specific experiences with love. And with that said, Major’s lyrics are what make him an amazing artist. With great emotion, you can truly feel his lyrics and know how in love he really is. It’s quite terrifying to know how accurate his lyrics are towards being in love, and that is what makes him such a raw and genuine artist. I love how his audience is intended for just one person, because love is a feeling worth sharing.

Bruno Major can express his feelings so openly and accurately through his music, which is a goal that many artists have when it comes down to making music. As someone who writes their own music, I’ve realized that the best music is made by your experiences and feelings. If you are true to how you feel and portray that in your songs, you could have a great outcome just like Major.

Whether you are single or not this coming Valentines Day, it’s never a bad idea to enjoy the special day with music. Love songs are always difficult to find in a world of poppy repetitive lyrics, but with this artist you are all good to go. If you’re looking for an artist to listen to for the month of love, check out Bruno Major.