World Cup in Russia

Manny Zamora, Web Editor

The 2018 World Cup will be held this summer in a rather controversial country. Russia, the host of the cup, has been in a bit of hot water for the past few years concerning foreign affairs, even before they were chosen. Ranging from involvement in a civil war, the U.S election meddling, has the decision to have it there is a very questionable one.

       Early 2014, even before the last world cup, Russia was involved in a militarization of Ukraine. This crisis was very big, and there was even talk of the decision being withdrawn. Maybe this was forgotten about because evidently the cup is still being held there.

       Even recently, there has been so much controversy surrounding the country. One of the biggest is the ongoing Russian investigation, looking into possibilities that Russians have messed with voting of the 2016 elections. There was also the several nuclear missile tests around the Pacific very close Alaska. There was no comment from FIFA on the incident, most likely because it was already too close to the date of the event. It would take too much money to change it.

    The countries that have previously hosted the World Cup consisted of places like South Africa, Brazil, and Berlin. These countries are more tourist friendly spots. These areas would make sense to host an event like this because not only does it have the games but also several other attractions; this provides more revenue towards the country.

    FIFA must have saw something in Russia that obviously other countries didn’t have. Then again it was a bid, so they put in the most amount money. It sort of makes you question whether they do it for the people, or for the money. In their defense, the FIFA organization has been a leader advocator of a racism free world and is doing good by allowing people to actually experience a country that not many view in a positive way.