Track is Back


Sean McCray, Staff Writer

Track and Field is in session along with several other spring sports. Last year, track suffered a loss after almost all of the team and eventually the coach, Coach Buck, left but this year the sport is slowly recovering. Luckily, Rancho was able to find a coach suitable for the position in time for the season.

“I was asked to help because a different coach wasn’t able to do the job, so I decided to fill in to help with the kids that are dedicated to the team,” said Kenderick Toliver.

Although Coach Toliver hasn’t coached track before, he has had experience coaching Rancho’s girls basketball team which has had incredible success this season with nine wins and 3 loses in the league.

Not to mention he’s also had some experience in track as a high jumper in high school, but he did not run.

“I haven’t coached it before, but I have been around it and have seen the conditioning and how people prepare for races, but I myself have not had any running events,” Coach Toliver added.

As the team is coming along Coach Toliver wants runners to work hard and compete to the best of their ability while building a strong team foundation.

The team doesn’t have a set routine but they are on the field and in the weight room every week. Coach Toliver has talked with other track coaches and looked online for ideas on how the practice routine should go.

“What I feel that I’m going to bring to the table is accountability and hard work to prepare our student-athletes for future meets. As long as everyone stays together and works as a team I think we’ll be successful. As of now, I think things are going well because everyone has been showing up.”

As the season progresses Coach Toliver will eventually adjust into becoming a track coach and hope for the best from student-athletes. As of now, the team has about 10 runners and has gone to one meet, however the other was rained out; based on the first meet the team has been doing well and even won.