Jamie-Ann Aranda, Staff Writer

At the beginning of 10th grade I had three AP classes: Spanish, World History, and Biology. I had heard stories of kids taking all AP classes and getting a perfect score of 5 on the end of the year test.

Taking five AP classes was too much to consider so I thought three would be enough. My motivation to balance everything I would prove to myself that I would be ready for college. However, that was probably one of the worst possible decisions I have made so far in my life.

The first 2 weeks were fine, but sleep was faltering. A few all nighters were nothing, though when that turns into every night, that’s a problem I should have seen sooner. Everyday I’d wake up more tired than the last. 8 hours becoming 6, 6 turning into 4 hours and at the worst 3 hours of sleep.

If I was just a student who was not involved with extracurricular activities like sports I probably could have done it. I’m not saying that it is impossible to balance everything because there are remarkable people who can sustain as much and a whole lot more than me. I am not one of those people who can block out the whole world to concentrate and move from assignment to assignment from start to finish. I applaud those who can, and I wish I was like that for everything would have been much easier. I knew I could pass all my classes and I know I could have handled them; just not all at once.

At the time dropping, AP Spanish felt like I had failed myself. However, the people around me assured me it was for the best. To put it simply, they were right. It was actually a really good thing.

My first period was changed to art, something I really enjoy even with the frustration of not getting my drawing just right.

Making sure I maintained high grades meant something had to suffer. Unfortunately, my well-being was it. I overworked myself and took on more than I could handle. I now know that. So to those who overwork themselves all I have to say is pace yourself, and most importantly know your limits.