Ap Exams

Paulina Rosas, Staff Writer

As AP exams grow closer, students worry about how they should study for such an important test. Here are a few ways to help study for the upcoming AP exams, no matter the subject.


  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying for your exams. If you cram your mind with information the night before, your brain will be overwhelmed on the day of the test. It might seem as if by studying the day before everything will be fresh in your mind, but in reality you’ll get the opposite effect.
  2. Try coming up with a study plan that helps you review the material over a period of time. Practicing helps improve a lot of things. Try using Khan Academy, it’s a free online source that provides help for not only AP exams but other exams as well.
  3. If you can, review books can also be helpful if used wisely. Take notes on the chapters, focusing more on the ones you hardly know anything about. By going over the main points of the chapters you’ll be able to understand the information in an easier and quicker manner.
  4. Do online research. You’ll be surprised to know how many online resources can help with studying for AP exams. Many can provide study guides, notes, or topic reviews. College Board has a lot of resources from previous exams that you can review to get an idea of what’s on your exam.
  5. Stimulate the AP exam. By practicing questions, essays, DBQs, FRQs, or anything of the sort related to the exam, you’ll find yourself more prepared once the test comes.
  6. Make sure to know what works out for you. If you find that taking notes doesn’t help you learn material, then try a different method that will. If you continue working with methods that don’t really help you, then you’re just wasting time that you could be using to study other material. There are a variety of methods one can use when it comes to studying, it’s not strictly just note taking or flashcards, explore and find suitable methods that do provide help for you.
  7. When studying make sure to keep yourself healthy. Get enough sleep so you’re not working with a hazy mind. Keep hydrated, drinking water helps keep the mind awake without the use of caffeine or sugar. Eat snacks when studying and eat appropriate meals, it makes it harder to focus when you’re hungry so make sure to keep simple snacks at bay. Make sure to take breaks when studying, if you go long periods of time without taking a break it may cause a headache.


Use the internet to your advantage and use it to help you study or to find more helpful tips if these don’t work for you. As AP exams draw near, make sure to use your extra time wisely to study for it. Good luck to everyone taking an exam.