All Opinions Matter


Jamie-Ann Aranda, Staff Writer

Opinions, who doesn’t have them? There is no right or wrong answer with them. However, there is the politically correct answer when one asks your opinion on something. If you give that answer you’re smiled upon and more likable those around you. Yet if you give the unpopular opinion, you have to prepare yourself for the rebuttals and hate that tends to come with it.

Do you remember when you were younger, and you (might still do this today) would first listen to what everybody else had to say and let them influence your opinion? Even if your initial thought was something completely different, you still went on ahead with the majority vote.

When I was little I would do just that. Sometimes when I would voice my opinion I would immediately after take it back or say just kidding because it was the unpopular opinion. At that point in time my only interest was to fit in with my friends. Being different was always being frowned upon so I would try my hardest to be the same, even though I felt stupid in the process.

Now I realize you may not have the same opinion as others but that doesn’t make you less of a person. People with unpopular opinions are often bashed and not even asked why they believe what they believe. Every opinion should be taken into consideration even if some may not completely agree with it. What results after the discussion of a controversial topic is only an argument, there really is no conversation. If we would just stop and actually take the time to listen then we can be more informed and possibly even change our opinion.

Our society is so close-minded these days we can’t even talk about our differences and that really needs to change. We are trapped in our own little bubble of what is right and wrong. An opinion is something nobody can take away from you. Everyone is entitled to think what they want, no matter who you are or what topic it may be. If we can discuss our different point of views, I really believe that change in society will occur, that we would be more thoughtful and open-minded of what others think.

Maybe next time you hear an unpopular opinion, or just an opinion that you yourself disagree with; instead of starting a heated argument where no one wins you can actually listen to the person. You might just find yourself agreeing with them too.