The Write Way to Express Yourself

Eileen Topacio, Staff Writer


Writing has always been such an important part of my life, whether that was from writing essays in school to writing about my current experiences in a diary. There was always that certain feeling I always had when it came to picking up a pencil and just writing. In writing there is so much creative freedom that you could venture into, speaking out without saying a single word. Writing is a better way of speaking, since you could just have your words seen instead of heard.

Growing up, I was always soft spoken and shy. It was incredibly difficult for me to talk to people, whether that being family or friends. Introverted and calm, I typically felt that it was best for me to keep things to myself. Although I did not say much, I always wanted to speak out. I’ve always had that feeling about wanting to be heard even though it was nerve racking for me to do so out loud. That was the start of my writing adventure when I decided to organize all of my thoughts and feelings in a diary. As a little girl, I found it fun to talk about things without having it shared out.

After a while, I discovered that I was very passionate about writing and that I wanted to keep writing about anything and everything. I started writing short stories in middle school, and even tried out script writing as well for fun. With my shy personality growing up, it really helped spark an interest in writing that will be a special part of me forever.

Words are powerful because we all have a voice inside of us that deserves to be heard. Although you can verbally state your position, having it documented in words is as important. Without literature and written forms of arguments for example, people would not have the freedom to state how they feel through writing. Speaking may brightly deliver emotion and tone, but writing is a powerful source of expression that can get the job done.

In a way, writing is like a getaway. On a piece of paper or on your computer, you can write about just anything you want. Writing is like a silent voice, as you express yourself without having to say a word. It’s a way to get your point across and freely say things without saying them at all.