Rancho Dominguez Athletics Moving To Marine League

Mandy Zuniga, Staff Writer

It has been confirmed that the athletic department has petitioned to shift Rancho Dominguez from exposition league to marine league. Meaning all sports, excluding football, will be competing against schools nearby that is causing both relief and panic.

This change was bound to occur despite the petition because the athletic department identifies different leagues and shifts them every four to five years due to location. There is no need for panic as this move does seem daunting it’s also quite beneficial for several reasons.

“I think it’s a good thing academically, it would be different because in exposition league we travel far ways at some games and by the time we come back it’s late at night, in the marine league our games will be closer which also translates to more time to complete assignments. Competition wise it would be really good, majority of marine league teams are at a higher division so the level of competition is higher helping us at play offs,” said Principal Keri Lew.

Some high school teams that are in marine league include Banning, Cabrillo, San Pedro, Carson, and other schools located in the marine area. However football won’t have to worry a whole lot about these new teams since they are just moving to a league with only varsity teams.

“Football is moving to a varsity only league because this upcoming season all junior varsity players  will be moving up to varsity. This is good because we’re not hurting any teams with a JV team that won’t be able to play,” said Athletics Director Leland Wong.

With all these upcoming changes it may cause disruption regarding statistics for specific teams in general but it will be a learning experience that will both strengthen our teams and athleticism.

Some words of encouragement from Mr.Tatnall, “beginning next year you got to be at your best at all times there is no more Maya Angelou or Diego Rivera like teams, we got to work to be on the top of the pack not in the middle of the pack.”