Students Get On Board The Vision Mobile

Sean McCray, Staff Writer

Rancho Dominguez partneredwith Vision Mobile to providefor students who need glassesin order to better their learning experience. Student’s eyes were examined by an optometrist and optician on February 22nd, 23rd,
26th, and 27th.

The program is district wide with the Vision To Learn Foundation receiving a donation from the Los Angeles Clippers to give glasses to all visually impaired students in the Los Angeles Uni-fied School District.

Students will receive their
glasses three to four weeks afterthe exam. The optician does pre- testing, fitting, adjustments, and repairs glasses students already have. The optometrist does an eye exam and prescribes students with
the glasses they need.

“I love it, it’s a lot of fun we get to help a lot of kids everyday. They’re given a free eye exam, free glasses, and warrantee for a year. This is great because sometimes parents can’t take them to the ophthalmologist, so we
provide for them,” said Dr. Shanna Aguilar.
This is all a part of the “Vision to Learn” program, which started in 2012. The program’s process is
organized and consists of mobile clinics, so more students are seen in a shorter amount of time.
The Vision Mobile goes to several schools a day providing glasses for students in low-income communities. And as mentioned before, instead of students going to the clinic the clinic comes to them., making getting a pair of glasses a very easy process for students.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for students because they get free glasses and it doesn’t take long. I’m glad I organized this and it’s pretty cool for the students. It took a lot of paperwork and time to organize, but it got easier because I got a lot of help from Mr.Gomez and Ms.Williams,” said Counselor Ms.Thompson.

This is the first time Rancho has had the Vision Mobile visit our school. A few weeks prior to the Vision Mobile arriving on campus all students were given a quick eye examination to check and see if they needed glasses. Students who needed them were then given applications to fill out to receive the glasses all free of charge. Students would then to go to the MPR during 6th period on the days the Vision Mobile was on site. From there students would wait shortly and quickly have their eyes examined before being sent back to class. The students also got to pick frames to go alongside with their new lenses having them have a creative touch to their glasses.

“I’ve never worn glasses before so it’s my first time. I didn’t think I needed glasses before, but after their tests it showed I did. It’s beneficial to students because these glasses can help them to see and work better in class,” said senior Jenicah Baquir.

Vision to Learn’s main focus is to provide all students who need glasses with thesame opportunity to learn for free.

“It doesn’t take as much time as it does at a regular clinic. It’s good for students because sometimes you’re not able to go. Although, I do prefer the optometrist because I get to pick what I want specifically I still think it’s a good option,” said freshmen Christian Russell.

Student’s and staff’s experience with Vision to Learn was a positive one that prepared students with what was necessary for students to succeed in a class environment.

Hopefully, students will be able to reap the benefits of having a free pair of glasses and better their educational experience, improving not just their vision, but as students academically.